The Rise Of Alternative Music 1

The Nigerian Music Industry has undoubtedly experienced fast growth over the years and is one of the major contributors to Nigeria’s GDP. I can’t fail to mention the recognition the industry has gained in the international scene as Nigerian artistes are now seen collaborating with artistes across the African continent, Europe, America as well as the Caribbeans, setting Nigeria on the world map.
International record labels and management companies have come to recognize the potential of Nigerian music and are beginning to invest in our talents.
We have also seen the likes of Wizkid, Davido and Tekno sign mouth watering deal with Sony Entertainment, the same label that have housed top international acts such as Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Jackson, just to mention a few.
Yes, Nigerian music have improved and has become appealing to music lovers on the global scale but a lot still needs to be done in terms of content. Songs of old didn’t have much production value as compared to the “new school” but they unarguably had good content, that’s why so many of us still enjoy and nod heads to these songs when we hear them.
If you are wondering what I may be talking about let me put it this way; When you hear a song from the likes of Lagbaja, King Sunny Ade, Mike Okri or Evi-Edna Ogholi, what comes to your mind? You get this nostalgic feeling, right? It reminds you of the good old days, right?
Ok. Let me ask you this; If you hear a song like “Say Baba” or “Pass me the Agbara” 10 years from now, will you still groove to it? will the feeling be nostalgic? No shades intended just trying to buttress a point. Our Nigerian artistes have also developed an aspiration for winning the Grammy’s, as you hear them constantly iterate on their tracks. Well, with the kind of content constantly released, I don’t see it happening in the nearest future, not until they get it right.
Amazingly, Nigerians are beginning to love and appreciate alternative music, the audience is gradually growing and only few talented artistes are delving into this genre of music. In my own opinion, i see alternative music as the future of Nigerian music.
Alternative music is a kind of music produced or performed outside the mainstream or conventional music. The likes of Asa, Timi Dakolo, Brymo and Bez have successfully created a niche as alternative singers who create content-conscious music accompanied by distinct sound and excellent vocal delivery.
Initially one would think this genre won’t do well in the country, as some will say it is not typically Nigerian. Well, there is a growing audience and its just a matter of time, it becomes our own “mainstream“.
Big ups to the new generation of alternative singers who have chosen to be different, giving us quality music and making a name for themselves despite the wide spread of “Jollof” music in the industry.