Tetta Is Done With Love In New Single, ‘Shut Doors, Shut Love’

Tetta Shut Doors Shut Love

From scatting jazz notes to deeply written words finely knitted by a soulfully polished voice, Tetta aka greenT(ea), is the definition of a ‘SOULdier‘ with the most powerful tool in the world; music.

After gaining experience with one of the biggest music group in South-South Nigeria as a background vocalist for 3years, she later moved to Lagos City in 2012 where she picked up the guitar at one of West Africa’s most patronized music college ‘Tenstrings Music Institute‘.

The Nigerian Indie singer/songwriter and guitarist Tetta got her first radio interview in early 2017, where she performed live without any record out prior to the time. She then went on to release her debut Single ‘Too Late (Not Too Late)’ the same year which to this day still enjoys airplay across the Nation.

She has ever since been making her voice heard through performing at gigs across the city, singles, unofficial materials, and cover releases. She was the opening act at the ‘Bez Live Festival’ ‘17. Recently, she published the video of a bathroom live session to her sophomore record from last year ‘Radio.

Tetta Shut Doors Shut Love

Though love can be a beautiful thing sometimes, this time, I have decided to shut every door cos I don’t want love in anymore. I don’t think that shit was made for me, not for now. Nope!

This is the only record to be released this year as a body of work needs some work,” she added.

Tetta’s first single for the year, Shut Doors, Shut Love (#SDSL) is a song about Heartbreak and how the only serious relationship she’s ever been in crashed.

Tetta’s dairy is her music, where she’s free to throw in herself without fear of expression of her life’s journey of struggle, pain, love, happiness, heartbreak, and triumph.

She is currently building her own band and on a mission of making timeless music.

Listen to Tetta’s ‘Shut Doors, Shut Love‘ below: