Show Dem Camp Delivers Brilliantly On Palmwine Music 2

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The duo of Tec and Ghost, also known as Show Dem Camp (SDC) released on October 15, 2018, their EP, Palmwine music 2 as a follow up to the critically acclaimed, Palmwine music vol 1 which was released in 2017.

After a successful outing with the first chapter of the Palmwine music series, the duo upped their game on the second installment with an impressive array of features like BOJ, Ajebutter, Nonso Amadi, and more.

The album starts off on a bright note after the Intro, with Ajebutter and BOJ giving off the feel-good vibe in Damiloun. The first song on an album is very important as it could be the only chance an artist gets to impress a listener or a potential fan.

Damiloun is, therefore, a compelling opening for the Palmwine Music 2 project. And with BOJ and Ajebutter on the same track,  you can expect nothing less but perfect synergy as we have seen in the past on Yawa and their collaborative EP, Make E No Cause Fight.

You will agree that every great music project always has that stand out track it can be identified with, System Fail featuring Nonso Amadi is definitely the most outstanding track on this project.

From the guitar riffs that comes right at the intro and Nonso Amadi’s hot-buttered vocals coming afterward as he kicks off with “I just want free booze and turkey“, to the quality of production, everything about this song is super catchy.

Burna Boy has been on a wavy level this year. Everything he has touched has become major hits so it’s expected that his presence on this album will make a difference which it did. In fact, Burna Boy nailed it on the song, Legend.

The horns, the drums and the female vocals in the background all blended to give life to this track. At this point, we shouldn’t be contesting Burna Boy’s legendary status, or do you think otherwise?

SDC palmwine music 2

Tropical follows next with Flash delivering catchy hooks while Tec and Ghost did their thing on the mellow beat. Among all the songs on the entire project, this song has more mainstream appeal and sort of reminds me of Skepta’s Energy with Wizkid

The next song raises up the tempo with the high-life infused, Ragabomi, splashed with infectious vocals from UK based singer, Moelogo. You don’t have to understand Yoruba before you vibe to this one. It is solid.

Lady Donli stamps her signature on the soulful For A Minute riding smoothly with the hook, “Hold me down for a minute, don’t let go when you’re with me…You’re a King.” Tec and Ghost are all about positive energy here as they share some inspirational nuggets on this one.

Tomi Agape and Funbi join in on the passionate Love On Weekends. It’s a tale of romance and intimate desires.

Malibu & Palmwine can be referred to as serious gbedu wey dey burst brain, laced with groovy Afrobeat beat vibe and features, Ghanian singer,  Worlasi.

The project comes to a pleasing end with the calm and soothing song, The Garden with Falana‘s florid and hypnotic vocals shining through amidst introspective verses rendered by Tec and Ghost.

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Palmwine music 2 is pleasurable to listen to from start to finish while navigating through diverse sounds and themes with a stellar lineup of features that stole the show.

Indeed, I would say that the major MVPs on this project are Spax who is responsible for the brilliant production of all 10 tracks and the amazing features that made it worth the time.

What would you rate this project? Share your thoughts.

Listen to Palmwine music 2 here