Most of my friends said I sound too local – Terry Apala

Terry Apala is among the list of artistes that have been quite successful as an indigenous afropop singer. He is also known for his unique style and revamping the existing Yoruba music genre, otherwise known as the Apala Music.
Although he calls it the “Apala Hip-hop” Terry brings more spark and vigor to the almost lost genre, gaining wider acceptance among Nigerians, as well as the Non-Yorubas.
Many may think he is from the south west origin as he has mastered the art of fusing the indigenous language (Yoruba) in his deliveries but it will interest you to know the singer hails from the Isoko speaking part of Delta State, Nigeria.
He shares little insight about his days of humble beginnings and how some of his friends initially disapproved of his singing style. This he revealed in an interview with Planet TV. In his words:
Most of my friends said I sound too local and that Nigerians will never accept my style of music. They advised me to do something they could relate to in English Language. There is nothing as doing your own thing. If you want to rap, you can’t rap like Jayz. If you want to sing, you can’t sing like Chris Brown. Doing your own thing is the best.
Terry Apala made the selection of MTV’s Artiste to watch out for in 2017.
Listen to Terry Apala’s rendition of Shape Of You below and share your thoughts: