Meet ‘Chizube’ The Charismatic and Energetic Singer & Dancer

Chizube African Woman

Upcoming or independent artistes, are often faced with the challenging task of pushing their content to millions of fans. Without the strong backing of a label or management company, the issues like funding, getting radio airplay, show bookings, poses a threat to their music careers regardless of how extremely talented they may be.

Although technology is bridging the gap for new artists by providing them with much more direct access and the avenue to establish deeper connections with their fans through social media and other online channels.

That’s why this platform was created to recognize and spotlight those creating unique sounds and sweet melodies while rising above the obstacles.

We had a chat with, Chizube,  an energetic and charismatic Afropop singer and dancer who is constantly pushing himself to greatness and is not deterred by whatever circumstance.

Q. Why the name Chizube, as your stage name? I’m guessing you must have attempted other names, right?

Of course, I did… I started out with my nickname which everyone calls me, that is, “CHIZZY”. But after a while, I reviewed the name and figured it was generic. I wanted to stand out, and be unique. Also, I fancy originality a lot… So I decided to stick to CHIZUBE

Q. Can you tell me a bit about your background?

There’s quite a lot to tell, but I’d stick to the essentials.

I’m a jolly happy fellow, born Sept 8, 1993. I hail from Imo State, Orlu LGA. Born and brought In Lagos, and yeah I’m a twin…. Fratanal though. I had my senior school education at Command Day Sec. Sch. Ojo, Lagos. Graduated with a B.Sc in Economics from Madonna University, Okija. So yeah… that’s me in a nutshell.

Q. Any 9-5 job or side hustle? Or do you do music full time?

Yea, I’m a Contact Center Agent at one of the leading banks in Nigeria, although I look forward to switching to music full-time, when the brand settles its feet well in the market.

Q. I can imagine it must be quite challenging having to combine your paid job and your music but how do you create that balance?

Sincerely, it’s just the grace of God and the passion in me. I could stay for hours without food or water… As far as I’m doing what I love (music, dance, or swimming.

Q. So when you are not working or doing music, what do you do for fun? How do you relax?

Well… I’m introverted, but I’m a great swimmer…. I’d love to be a pros swimmer someday by God’s grace.

Q. You recently released a new single titled, ‘African Woman’. What’s the story behind it and what inspired it?

During the period to which I wrote the song, I was on the lookout for models/vixens for the video shoot of my previous single, Singerman. So I had seen some really pretty girls around me who happened to be just so fine without makeup, even in pictures… That originality struck me… while chatting with one of them, I was like… “YOU THE ONE THAT I WANT FOR MY SHOOT cos u have the real AFRICAN BEAUTY” This was how the hook was carved until it became a song.

Q. How would you describe your sound and style?

My sound is URBAN, and I create AFRO VIBES, and put it out in a POP Style… So its “Urban Afro-pop”

Q. What is your thought about the Nigerian music industry? Do you think young and rising artistes and creatives are getting enough support?

Not at all…. Although the industry is fast rising, the general condition of the nation keeps affecting investments. This plays a limiting role in the availability of opportunities for artists. But regardless of this factor, I for one choose not to wait for opportunities. I’d better be ready for it when it comes than let my dreams die while endlessly waiting.

Q. What has been the greatest challenge for you since you started doing music?

FUNDS!!!… I spend every dime I make elsewhere on the music without returns… If it is acceptance, my sound is appreciated so far so good, but the funds to push it farther than it has gone is needed. God help us all.

Q. If you were to feature a top Nigerian act in a song, who would that be?

Allow me to mention a few, please….. DAVIDO, YEMI ALADE or PHYNO

Q. What next should we be expecting from Chizube?

“LOVE LETTERS, The EP” coming real soon…. Keep your fingers crossed and watch out for it guys.

Listen to Chizube’s ‘African Woman’ below and share your thoughts:

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  1. Maduka chinedu

    I see a man challenging Tekno soon in terms of singing and energetic dancing. God bless your hustle and your diligence in every step you take to get closer your musical career. One love the Economist, one love Chizube, aka Singerman. Cheers!!