Listen To Zarion Uti’s Dancehall-Inspired Tune, ‘Finito’

Zarion Uti - Finito

With the constant barrage of new music flooding the airwaves on a daily basis in Nigeria, it can be said that it takes a special catalyst to rise above anonymity. For a rising or independent artist, it is even more daunting to get noticed, to win and retain the attention of new audience especially in a digital age where music consumption has heightened and the attention span for many listeners is on a decline. This also puts pressure on the artist to shorten the release cycle and flush out contents with running strides by jumping on the bandwagon just to maintain relevance at the expense of the quality of his/her music.

It is pleasing to say that Nigeria’s young star, Zarion Uti, is one of the hyper-cosmopolitan new wave artists who has stuck with quality control and has built a distinctive musical identity termed as Afro-soul – a homogeneous mixture of Afro-beat, R&B and Soul music elements.

It’s always going to be quality over quantity. I have dropped 4 songs within the span of this year which is way less than I planned to. But that was just me playing it safe because I am a perfectionist, I literally don’t ever release a song till I am positive it’s better than what I released last.” He affirmed this over a discussion with Urban Effect last year.

Zarion Uti

Finito is Zarion Uti’s latest offering after a smooth run with his 6-track Zaradise EP released 3 months ago, accommodating some of his well-received tracks like Life of the party, Coffee and Cream among others. Zarion enlists the creativity of AYLØ as they both feed their audience with a Dancehall – Afro-beat fusion which also bears artistic leanings from Wizkids’ ‘Come Closer’ and Maleek Berry’s ‘Been Calling’.

Zarion Uti

Finito finds Zarion Uti expressive about his desires for his love interest while he craves for some intimate moments with her after a party.

The beat also makes a perfect blend with the vocals as it exudes nothing but feel good vibes. It will be interesting to see him engage in more collaborations with other artists whose style compliments his.

In the meantime, groove to Finito!