Listen To The Soulful Hip-Hop Tune, ‘Sweet’ By Mojo ft AYLØ and Paula B

Mojo Sweet

MOJO is as prolific a writer in Yoruba as he is in the English language, documenting, and story-telling through music by illustrating a unique standpoint of a youth from Nigeria and beyond, aware of his voice.

On this single titled ‘Sweet‘, MOJO tells his story of a relationship from once upon a time, although good, was happening at the wrong time. Alongside vocal titans, AYLØ & Paula B, MOJO revisits the memory of what was ‘too sweet it was bad for health’.

This offering from the young wordsmith is a soulful hip-hop ensemble, mixed & mastered by Higo (@higomusic 1/4 0f @80sounds).

Album art by DareArt & Creative Direction by ‘mudia Erediauwa.”

Listen to ‘Sweet’ and share your thoughts: