Listen To Nonso Amadi’s Addictive New Single ‘No Crime’

Nonso Amadi's No Crime

The last time Nonso Amadi learned his voice on a track was on Tomi Agape’s pulsating Afro-Dancehall vibe, ‘In The Night’ but we didn’t have to wait for too long to have him deliver another impressive solo performance like he recently did with his new single, ‘No Crime‘.

As with some of us his past releases, love remains a central point of focus or attention for the alternative R&B singer. Whether he is expressing the agony of an unfaithful partner or he’s assuring his lover to stay on the radio, Nonso Amadi always finds a fresh perspective to tell his endless tale of love.

No Crime speaks on finding love and wanting to show that special one to the world. It is right to say that Nonso Amadi never disappoints on any song.

Listen to Nonso Amadi’s ‘No Crime’ below: