If You Love Good Music, Then Listen To ‘Sydney Of Africa’

Sydney of Africa photo

While the Nigerian music space is still heavily flooded with pop music and party anthems, the alternative genre is progressively gaining acceptance and the community keeps growing.

Sometimes people just want to get out from a musical rut – away from all the shake am, wine am and shaku-fied beats that creep into the media and listen to something mellow, introspective, lyrically rich with a musical arrangement that oozes creativity.

Sydney of Africa 01

Some of these songs might never make their way on radio or music stations even the top blog sites but it is still evident that there is good music out there by amazingly talented Nigerians and we all just need to search in the right places and lend our support by propagating their works.

Sydney Nwanko is my latest discovery who goes by the stage name, Sydney of Africa, a 19-year old alternative singer whose music recently struck a chord with me.

If you love the likes of Jon Bellion, Bez Idakula, Johnny DrilleSir Dauda, and so on, you would definitely appreciate this young star.

Sydney of Africa Photo 02

Although his music catalogue is relatively small, Sydney spends time thrilling his audience with fantastic acoustic covers which he uploads on his social accounts.

One of his outstanding song is Eruption where he speaks about embracing his gift, his sound and everything that makes him unique. He is exploring and allowing his inner light to shine through.

Vibe is a chilled and feel-good song expressing his zero tolerance for negative energies.

Spaceship is a mellow song with subtle acoustic backings that just thrills you from start to finish.

Having listened to the highlighted tracks, what are your thoughts about him?