Faze Offers Some Gentlemanly Advice on “Perfect Woman”

Because we love and appreciate good music, we won’t let this fall off the radar as Faze makes a comeback with Perfect Woman.
The video tells the story of two different couples and highlights the common challenges of love, trust and understanding as faced in most relationships on a daily basis. Cameo appearance was also made by Nollywood actors such as Lilian Esoro and Leo Ugochukwu.
On Perfect woman, Faze admonishes the guys on best ways of treating a woman. Through his lyrics, he makes it known that one can’t find a perfect woman, but you can build her to becoming that which you desire. It also emphasizes on understanding as been the key in building a successful relationship with a woman.
Faze brings back that Reggae-Rnb feel which we know him for back in the days. You remember, Need Somebody?
We are quite impressed and hope to hear more good stuff from the former Plantashun Boiz member.
Enjoy video below: