Efe Oraka’s ‘Nigerian Dream’ Is Intensely Captivating

Efe Oraka Nigerian Dream

Coming at a time where the country is at its lowliest moments, the amazing singer and songwriter, Efe Oraka addresses a very critical social issue – mental health, plaguing the nation on her stunning new single titled, Nigerian Dream.

Nigerian Dream finds her in her incredibly best vocal form yet where she pours her heart by expressing societal disposition towards depression and how everyone is wearing a mask to cover this epidemic of sadness, anxiety, and depression.

We’re so sad, but we’re living the Nigerian dream. We’ve been had, but we look so happy or so it seems, with hypocritical smiles fake fake laughs, we’ve reached the all-time low…We’re so sad, but we’re living the Nigerian dream…

Efe Oraka sings passionately on this one with her hypnotic voice and radiating sincerity such that it triggers one into an introspective mood.

If you think her previous single Wonderland was captivating, then you should listen to the Nigerian Dream and be blown away.

Listen to Efe Oraka’s Nigerian Dream below: