Listen To The Soothing Voice Of Celeste Ojatula As She Shares Her Wisdom In ‘Black’

Alternative/indie-folk singer, Celeste Ojatula expresses a salient topic in Nigeria – moral and societal decadence among the youths, in her new single Black.

Black is produced by Nobong D’synth and is immersed in acoustic and percussion elements as the singer buttresses her points relatively with some Yoruba proverbs.

“The original idea is about young people and how we view life, how we treat others and tend to be what we aren’t. So everything is just bleak. Some of my words are like “I just want to do something so I can get something in return. There’s no genuine reason for anything. Everybody’s trying to do stuff because they expect something in return.” So that’s the reason why it’s black” She told Daily Trust.

Celeste sound is described as surreal, transcendental and spiritual and Black surely embodies all of these aspects.

Listen and share your thoughts.