Blackface Unending Feud With Tuface

There seems to be no end to the long-standing feud between Dancehall singer, Blackface and his former band member, Tuface. Both were part of the R&B group called the Plantashun Boiz, consisting of Tuface, Blackface and Faze who later split after releasing two albums in 2004 as they all pursued their solo music careers.

On many occasions, Blackface, also called, Blackface Naija, had accused Tuface over song theft. He had laid claims to be the owner of Tuface’s hit song “African Queen“, demanding payment of all royalties from the highly successful song.
Well, it may also interest you to know that Tuface has not been the only victim of Blackface’s gruesome accusations. The singer had also laid claims to Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba“. He clearly made reference to this on his dancehall track titled Killah where he mentioned “while Wizkid try steal my melody“.
Watch video below:

Although some think its his strategy of staying relevant since he has not been able to achieve this with his music.

Early this year, Blackface bashed Tuface on social media during his proposed peaceful protest which he later cancelled due to security reasons. He called Tuface an illiterate.
Well, Blackface seems to be on the news again. This time he is suing Tuface for allegedly stealing the song “Let Somebody Love You” featuring the American female singer, Bridget Kelly. In his interview with The Premium Times, he said: “2face sang my song (Let Somebody Love You) and featured an American artiste, Bridget Kelly. His manager published it without my permission. Till today they haven’t deemed it fit to tell the world that they tried to assassinate my character in the media but that couldn’t be justice and they know. So, the court is our only option as they keep avoiding meetings thinking that with time it will all fade off. But, they know not what tomorrow holds and neither do I.
While Tuface is yet to respond to this claim, many say, Tuface’s Holy Holy is a response to Blackface’s many allegations.
Could all of these be a publicity stunt? His Blackface trying to get our attention by making these statements?
Well, its high time Blackface channel his energy into his music, if he intends to stay relevant because we are done with these issues.
I will end by stating this: “Blackface please give us a hit song“!!